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  1. Getting Started
  2. Why list with RentSmallSmall?
  3. List My Property
  4. Property Inspection
  5. Rent and security Deposit
  6. Furniture and Appliances
  7. Booking Preferences
  8. House Offers Terms and Conditions

Getting Started

What is RentSmallSmall?

Rent Small Small Ltd. is a prop-tech platform providing a unique rental solution to Nigerians in order to improve home-seekers rental experience and increase home-owners occupancy rate.

What do we do?

RentSmallSmall on-boards owners and their houses and rents them out to tenants. RentSmallSmall provides convenience to the owner in terms of showing the house to potential tenants, rent collection and service and maintenance of the property.

How it works?
Once you’ve listed your property and share your details on our website, a RentSmallSmall representative will get in touch with you to arrange for Inspection and signing of rental agreement.
Voila, you are now a part of the RentSmallSmall family.

We will arrange for professional photos of your house to be taken, then publish on our website for prospective tenants to book on-demand.

Why list with RentSmallSmall?

Screened and Verified Tenants

We verify all tenants diligently, check their IDs, referees, employment status, and income proofs. (Visit their place of work if we still have doubts)

Rental Default

We provide premium rent insurance through AXA Mansard.

Automated Payment

Our payment gateway has direct debit authorization on tenants bank account and we save you the stress of chasing tenants for rent.

Security Deposit

We collect equivalent of 1 month rent as security deposit from tenants which goes to you(owner) if tenant breaches contract, cause damage or default.

Short Eviction Period

Unlike 6 months eviction period for yearly rent, monthly rent is 1 month eviction period according to Lagos Tenancy Law.

Quality Property Management

From electrical to plumbing – we provide an oversight for home maintenance, repair and installation works at no cost to you. Only pay for materials and workmanship pre-approved/approved by you. We’ll also inspect your property regularly.

Move-In & Move-Out Management

Every time a tenant moves out, we inspect the house thoroughly to assess the condition of the property and submit a report to you.

Agreement & Documentation

We draft a professional, legally-vetted rental agreement that covers all the terms and conditions of the nature of the contract. And we go further to handle legal matters related to the tenancy.

On-Demand Property Inspection and Booking

Prospective tenants can immediately schedule appointment to inspect property, pay immediately to reserve property, go through our verification and approval process, all on our online platform.

No Agency and Legal Fee

We don’t charge agency fee or legal fee separately. Our service fee is the commission we get from rent+markup. It’s lower than what rental agents charge.

Professional Photoshoot

To give you property the best visibility in the market we do free professional photo-shoot.

List My Property

How do I reach out to RentSmallSmall to list my property?

Visit www.rentsmallsmall.com and click list your property on the “Homepage” or call us on 070 8778 9815 to give us your details. Once you share your details, one of our representatives will get in touch with you and take you forward on the Listing.

How much does it cost to list my property?

Nothing. It’s free to list with RentSmallSmall.
What’s more? We look for tenants for you.

Steps to list with RentSmallSmall

Step 1. You share your details with RentSmallSmall
Step 2. RentSmallSmall performs a Property inspection
Step 3. We sign the Agreement and begin on-boarding your house on RentSmallSmall
Step 4. We take professional photographs of your house and publish the house on our website
Step 5. Tenants express interest and schedule a visit to your house
Step 6. Once your house matches a tenant’s expectation, the tenant completes our verification form and submits the required documents. We carry out due diligence on tenant to determine tenant’s eligibility. We submit the eligibility result to you for your final approval if tenant is eligible
Step 7: We draft the tenancy agreement to be signed by tenant and you
Step 8: We transfer rent to you

Property Inspection

Why does RentSmallSmall perform a house inspection?

RentSmallSmall performs inspection on all prospective houses. This is done in order to check if the house meets the RentSmallSmall standards.

What does RentSmallSmall look for during house inspection?

RentSmallSmall checks if the house is as stated by the owner, is in a livable condition and is in a safe neighborhood.

Rent and Caution deposit

Who pays the Caution Deposit to me?

RentSmallSmall will pay you the Caution Deposit on behalf of the tenant if tenant breaches contract, cause damage(s) or default on payment.

What is the mode of Caution Deposit payment?

RentSmallSmall will pay the Caution Deposit to you either by cheque or online transfer. We do not deal in cash transactions.

What are the parameters that determine the rent of my property?

Multiple parameters help us determine the rent for your property. The most important ones are:
1. Location and neighborhood of the house
2. Tenancy type chosen by you, i.e., whether you want to rent out your house as full house or make it available for shared living
3. Size of the house and number of bedrooms
4. Newness of the house

When will I receive rent?

RentSmallSmall will process the rent to your bank account on or before the 5th day of every new month, new quarter, new bi-annual, depending on the payment plan selected by the tenant.

Furniture and Appliances

Does my house need to be furnished to list it with RentSmallSmall?

No, you don’t need to have a fully-furnished house to list with RentSmallSmall.

However, if you want to rent out your house as furnished, you can either purchase the furniture yourself or rent it with the rental packages we offer.

Booking Preferences

What is Auto Booking Confirmation?

If house is under Auto Booking Confirmation, then booking made by tenants will be automatically confirmed on your behalf by RentSmallSmall.

What are the benefits of Auto Booking Confirmation?

Tenants prefer house under Auto Booking Confirmation as it gives them the flexibility to select the earliest move in date or contract start date 48 hours from the booking date compared to 96 hours for houses where owner confirmation is required to complete booking.

How does RentSmallSmall ensure that tenants who stay at my property are truly verified if my property is under Auto Booking Confirmation?

We have a dedicated team to verify the documents provided by prospective tenants. Bookings get auto-declined if they fail to provide the required documents or didn’t pass our eligibility examination. Moreover, whether your property is on “Auto booking” or not, we will send you the eligibility score sheet of tenants we’ve confirmed.

How much time do I have to confirm bookings by tenants if I didn’t subscribe for “Auto Booking Confirmation”?

You are required to confirm/decline within 24 hrs from the time we notify you of the booking and the tenant’s eligibility; failing to do so will result in auto confirmation of the tenant. Communication will be sent to you via email, sms and push notifications on registered email id and phone number whenever any tenant books your property.

How do I change booking confirmation preference?

Send us an email customerexperience@rentsmallsmall.com

House Offers Terms and Conditions

Prospective tenants will be able to view house offers on website as soon as offer is approved by the owner and created by RentSmallSmall.
House offers will be shown on website until offers expiry.
After a successful update of offer, new offer comes into effect and the same will be displayed on house details page.
Offer can be deactivated anytime by sending an email to customer@rentsmallsmall.com, it will no longer be shown to the prospective tenants.