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Questions To Ask Before Renting

Ever wondered what you ought to know and inquire about when house hunting? Did you even know that it is necessary to ask questions? We are always here to help point you in the right direction, and this time, we are going to give you some pointers on the right questions to ask before you seal the deal on your new apartment. *Can you give me a breakdown of the rent and the utility bill

DIY:Cleaning Made Easy

One of my first rule of thumb is: if it is stressing you out, you are probably not doing it right! My OCD aside, cleaning is supposed to be a fun, easy, and therapeutic activity at least for most people… myself inclusive. I LOVE cleaning, I enjoy it, I especially love everything looking crystal clear and sparkling. However, not everyone loves to clean and that’s ok. So I have listed for you some of my
Valentine’s day is just around the corner and from a woman’s perspective here are my top 10 creative valentines day gift to give her that will have her eating from the palm of your hands: 1. A custom “I love you” bracelet from Pandora – Not to undermine the importance of verbalizing your I love you’s, why not reiterate it in a bracelet? 2. A collage heart puzzle- Use both your photos as the puzzle

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine is all about Giving Gifts of love! Finding the best Valentine’s gifts for your man can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be hard, we have hand-selected some of the best gifts that men would love to receive, so all you have to do is take a cue from us so you can blow his mind. Bear in mind that guys too deserve to be spoilt, please spoil your man this valentine. The best
  We all know the hassle that comes with house hunting. It is a spectacular experience bound to expose one to varying extremes of feelings. One moment you’re enthusiastic about the prospect of a brand new neighborhood and the exhilarating experiences in store for you, the very next moment you’re overwhelmed by the unexpected charges that magically appear once your interest has been piqued. Then the heart wrenching moment when you finally realize the futility
How to deal with discrimination from Landlords
    Discrimination in the rental space is rampant and a constant cause of concern and frustration for individuals. The most commonly which are gender, marital, or tribe related; where the victims are individuals of right standing and are financially capable of affording the apartment in question but are suddenly disqualified because they are from a certain geographic location or do not meet a certain assumed standard. When dealing with a landlord who insists that
What colour should you paint your room?
What colour should you paint your room? Why do we use words like bright or dull to describe some colours? The answer is simple: the colours seen through the eyes, produce these bright or dull feelings within you. Room colour psychology is an integral part of our daily lives. Our moods and energy levels can be affected by the colours we choose for our walls. The colours of the rooms in your home also serve