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  In the face of the wave of economic issues set in motion by the dreary virus ,which brought the world to a seeming halt for months,COTEL by Rentsmallsmall was birthed. Staying true to our Rentsmallsmall Agenda, we were inspired to explore unique innovative solutions as we were faced with yet another colossal challenge in the housing sector; The challenge of creating and maintaining productive and effective work environments. *Rentsmallsmall introduces Cotel : a hospitality focused

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Do you love the idea of Rentsmallsmall but can’t find any RSS listed apartment near you? We have a solution for you. Rentsmallsmall is an advocate of flexible rental payment. We believe that renters ought to have this option because incomes mostly come on daily/weekly/monthly basis. We are poised to change the housing sector one city at a time; Reaching as much people as we can and helping them live affordably. In line with our
Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall is a Rent-To-Own service for furniture and home appliances. Rentsmallsmall is dedicated to providing excellent, yet affordable solutions for convenient home rentals in Nigeria. After a solo and successful run of our Furnisure product for a year, exclusively available to only our Natives(Tenants), we’ve decided to expand our offerings to not just our Rentsmallsmall natives, but to everyone who wants to own new furniture and appliances to live comfortably.   Furnisure  was
Did you know that you could earn on a monthly basis with Rentsmallsmall? You need only follow the guidelines listed below to start. By simply referring a landlord or tenant , you can earn up to 25% of RSS commission. You determine how much you make with our referral program by the number of property owners or tenants you refer to RSS. Our referral program is an easy way to earn money while contributing to
It may seem impossible to get your own unmade bed looking as dreamy as the ones seen in hotels or guest houses, but in fact is it is easier and faster than you think. Let’s help you upgrade your morning routine with a few simple steps that will make your bed look very inviting. Read on to learn how to make a bed and the secrets for turning a basic bed into a dreamy retreat
  Are you thinking of getting on board with all the juicy offers on Rentsmallsmall and yet wondering how to begin? We’re here to help. Rentsmallsmall is a Property tech company which offers her clients flexible payment options. Our website offers a selection of apartments in different locations to fit your short stay, long stay or shared living needs. You can access it any time of day to find the apartment you need conveniently. How
Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms always feel very comfortable and homey even when all you get most times is 1 bedroom at a time? We have some tips that can help you replicate this in your own space. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a duplex, you’ll always find that these tips will come in very handy for you. So let’s dive in: Use a declutter bin: Most of the time,