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  1. Why Not Furnisure?


    Empty apartments are a thing of the Past! Yes we said it… We know because we have created a solution to ensure this… Say hello to Furnisure!

    You have now found your dream apartment with a beautiful view and a lovely neighborhood. Next on the list is Furniture shopping but you can’t seem to find the time because of your busy schedule?! If this is your reality, Why not Furnisure?

    Everyone deserves an apartment with all the necessary appliances, and more so, you can get it all from the your comfort of your home or office….

    With Furnisure, you can now Furnish your apartment with brand new, quality appliances and furniture without spending a ton of cash!

    It may sound too good… But it’s True.

    You are guaranteed to get all the right fixes for your brand new apartment or the right pieces to add to your existing apartment to give it a face lift and it’s just a click away

    Reasons why you should consider Furnisure:

    It’s Affordable: You can pay as little as 20,000 per month to get a washing machine , a television, a sofa or bed.

    It’s Convenient: You can browse and check through all the available options from the comfort of your home. No market runs , just your data and your device.

    It’s Fast & Reliable: Your purchase is delivered to you after the first payment!

    Your dream of having a tastefully furnished apartment is possible.

    Why wait till later? Use Furnisure today.

    Need some tips on how to proceed? Check out the link to our post on FAQs


  2. FAQ on Furnisure By Rentsmallsmall

    FAQs on Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall

    We know that you’re  eager to jump aboard the Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall ship, But you have some questions!?

    Great! We will take some time to answer a few of them.

    So You might be wondering…

    How many Items can I order?

    You can order at least 4 items. You can also order less than 4 items but they must have a minimum price of 20,000 naira per month.


    Is there a minimum period for which I must rent out the product before it become mine?

    You are to pay a monthly fee over a period of 12 months after which the items belong to you.


    How can I Pay?

    You can make your  first payment on the Rentsmallsmall online payment platform (Paystack) along side the security deposit.

    Subsequent Payment is made through Post dated cheques which will be prepared by the renter and collected at the point of delivery of items.

    How long does delivery take?

    Delivery times can vary between 2-3 working weeks for furniture and 2-3 working days for appliances depending on the package.


    Do I have to pay for deliveries?

    All our deliveries are free of charge so you do not need to pay anything apart from the monthly subscription fee.


    Is there a possibility of conducting inspection?

    No, inspections. You can choose from the different options available on the e-catalogue and have them delivered to you after your first payment.


    Do mattress and pillows come with the bed?

    They are ordered separately.


    Why do I have to pay a security deposit while taking the appliances and furniture ?

    Think of it as a little security token that we keep when you take our appliances and furniture. This is a fully refundable amount and it is returned at the end of the tenure when the products become yours.

    We trust that these have been helpful 😃

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    If per adventure you still have more questions… We’ll be glad to answer them. Kindly let us know in the comment section below!


  3. Rent-to-own Furnisure with Rentsmallsmall

    Are you new in town and looking to set up a home for yourself? Have you heard of Furnisure?

    Do you need a nice yet affordable apartment where you can pay flexibly? You can get this and more with Rentsmallsmall.

    Yes more! because not only can you get the house of your dreams without stress or hassle, you can also get furniture and appliances with the Rent-to-own furnisure by Rentsmallsmall.

    Rentsmallsmall is the leading Prop-tech company in Nigeria offering:

    Flexible Rental payments on Short stay and Long stay apartments

    Rent-to-Own Furniture and Appliances

    Cotel Services which offer hotel-like lodgings where professionals can live and work with ease.

    Let’s explore the beautiful world of Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall.

    First of it’s Kind in Nigeria, Furnisure offers an increasingly extensive catalogue of household appliances with pieces that are sure to add the needed finishing touches to your home.

    Various Packages are available to choose from;


    _MICROWAVE – N5500
    – AC (INVERTER)- N19,000
    – TV (55’)-N14,500
    – QUEEN BED-N14,500
    – 3 SEATER – N17,500
    – SINGLE SEAT -N7500
    – FRIDGE(100L)- N8000

    DISCOUNTED PRICE- N85,965 / month

    PACKAGE 2:

    – MICROWAVE- N5500
    – AC(1HP)(2)-N17,000
    – TV(40”)(2)-N22,000
    – QUEEN BED-N14,500
    – FRIDGE(180L)-N14,000
    – WADROBE-N8000

    DISCOUNTED PRICE- N72,902 / month


    – AC(1HP)-N13,500
    – TV(55’ SMART)-N21,000
    – QUEEN BED-N14500
    – FRIDGE(100L)-N8000

    DISCOUNTED PRICE- N54,201 / month


    – AC(1.5HP)-N15000
    – TV (32’)(2)- N16,000
    – 3 SEATER-N17,500

    DISCOUNTED PRICE- N 46,353 / month


    – AC(1HP)-N13,500
    – TV(32”)-N8000
    – QUEEN BED-N14,500
    – COFFEE TABLE- N6500

    DISCOUNTED PRICE- N40,375 /month


    – AC(1HP)-N13,500
    – TV(40’)-N11,000
    – QUEEN BED-N14500
    – WARDROBE -N8000


    With more Items consistently added to the catalogue, Furnisure is set to be your one stop shop for affordable home decor.

    Check out these options and thank us later.





  4. Virtual Inspection with Rentsmallsmall

    Rentsmallsmall introduces Virtual Inspections

    Virtual Inspection is a needed solution in light of the challenge that Covid-19 poses to the world of Real estate.

    At a time like this, where everyone is to take extra care to protect their health, it has become necessary that we incorporate the virtual inspection solution in our process in order to protect our prospective clients. It is safe to say that:

    Virtual Inspections have come to stay in Rentsmallsmall.

    How will it work?

    For New Property listings; You can:

    1: Schedule a visit for your preferred time and date

    2: You will receive a mail , confirming your appointment with an Agent for the time slot.

    3: You can them reply the mail with your request for a virtual inspection.

    4: The Agent will contact you with for a video call

    5: The video call takes place at the scheduled visit time. You will see all the parts of the apartments and all your questions answered.

    6: If the apartment meets your specifications, you can then proceed to book and verify for it.

    For Old Property Listings:

    1: Schedule a visit for your preferred time and date

    2: You will receive a mail , confirming your appointment with an Agent for the time slot.

    3: You can them reply the mail with your request for a virtual inspection.

    4: A video of the Property will be sent to you

    5: You can give your feedback on your interest in renting the apartment after seeing the video. So Feel free to ask any Questions if need be at this point.

    6: However, If the apartment meets your specifications, you can then proceed to book and verify for it.

    Now that we have set the ground rules, your Virtual inspections awaits!

    Here are some of our beautiful apartments to check out.

    While at it, you can also check out our Rent-to-own Furniture & Appliances service Furnisure, for an amazing selection of House hold pieces to decorate your home.

    Have you tried our Cotel Apartments? First of it’s kind Work- Live condos, bringing you luxurious yet affordable spaces? Check and thank us later😉










  5. COTEL : A Covid-19 Defying Solution


    In the face of the wave of economic issues set in motion by the dreary virus ,which brought the world to a seeming halt for months,COTEL by Rentsmallsmall was birthed.

    Staying true to our Rentsmallsmall Agenda, we were inspired to explore unique innovative solutions as we were faced with yet another colossal challenge in the housing sector; The challenge of creating and maintaining productive and effective work environments.

    *Rentsmallsmall introduces Cotel : a hospitality focused solution designed to help professionals work and live better, limiting their exposure to Corona Virus and ultimately ensuring their unimpeded productivity with added comfort and luxury.

    Cotel completely redefines the work/home space as we know it. Launching out with 17 Units of pure rental goodness! Bringing you the best of the workspace and comfortable living all under one roof.

    Providing all the makings of an office and the enveloping comfort of a home, while exuding the ambience and luxury of a hotel suite.

    Beautiful, serene environment
    Fully furnished rooms
    Fitted Co- working rooms
    24- hour power
    Room service
    Help desk
    Guest waiting rooms
    And so much more

    We look forward to having you experience this beautiful and novel solution. We have no doubt that you’ll be just as excited as we are about it.








  6. Found An Apartment?

    Do you love the idea of Rentsmallsmall but can’t find any RSS listed apartment near you?

    We have a solution for you.

    Rentsmallsmall is an advocate of flexible rental payment. We believe that renters ought to have this option because incomes mostly come on daily/weekly/monthly basis. We are poised to change the housing sector one city at a time; Reaching as much people as we can and helping them live affordably.

    In line with our expansion plans, we now seek to remove any barriers which may have restricted  renters from accessing our services , we did this by opening a channel through which they can be actively involved in initiating their rental processes.

    This lead to the introduction of The Rentsmallsmall Found-my-Property.

    The Found-my-Property Initiative  which allows renters to find an apartment in their preferred  location / budget and then register to have us contact and engage the landlord to list with us so that  you too can pay monthly.

    This option is not only limited to Individuals who might be currently house hunting.

    You can sign up for found-my-property if you fall under the following category:

    – If you are interested in Flexible Rental Payments or have filled the “can’t find a home” form on Rentsmallsmall.

    – If you are looking for a particular kind of apartment, or space. You can find one that suits you and involve us.

    – If you are looking for an apartment in a specific area, estate or street.

    -If you are currently living in your preferred apartment, but are still interested in monthly rent. You can refer your landlord to us.

    – If you have found an apartment you like but do not have enough money to pay the yearly rent.

    -If you are looking for an office space or shop.

    No matter what category you might identify with, rest assured that if you involve us, we are ready to help you make your Rentsmallsmall dreams a reality.

    Now Everyone can rent flexibly and conveniently in their preferred budget and location.

    Contact us today to get yours…


    Don’t forget your spread the word !




  7. Furnisure: Rent-to- Own Furniture & Appliances

    Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall is a Rent-To-Own service for furniture and home appliances.

    Rentsmallsmall is dedicated to providing excellent, yet affordable solutions for convenient home rentals in Nigeria.

    After a solo and successful run of our Furnisure product for a year, exclusively available to only our Natives(Tenants), we’ve decided to expand our offerings to not just our Rentsmallsmall natives, but to everyone who wants to own new furniture and appliances to live comfortably.


    Furnisure  was officially launched on Friday, June 12th, 2020, offering appliances like Televisions, Refrigerators, Airconditioners, microwaves, Washing machines etc and furniture like Sofas, Wardrobes, coffee tables, different varieties of bed frames and mattresses.

    Renters can now acquire furniture/appliances and pay monthly for a period of 1 year, after which the items become theirs.

    How Furnisure Works

    – Visit the furnisure link and make a choice from the available options.

    – Choose at least 4 items or 1 item worth at least 20k.

    – Click “Book now” to fill a form and apply for the verification process, if successful, payment is then made (to the tune of the total monthly cost of the appliances/furniture chosen)

    – Receive, sign and return a copy of your rental agreement (covers a 12 month payment period)

    Kindly note : A refundable security deposit which is the equivalent to the total monthly cost of the item is to be paid along side the first monthly payment. The deposit is refunded after cost of items is completely paid.

    Mode & Duration of Delivery:

    Appliances are delivered within 2-3 working days after the first payment is made.

    Furniture is delivered within 2-3 working weeks after the first payment is made.

    Note: All deliveries are free of charge.

    No doubt this service has come to stay and true to the Rentsmallsmall tradition, will definitely cause a revolution in the existing market.

    Spread the word and take advantage of this service today.