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  1. What Are The Benefits Of Flexible Payment Of House Rent?

    flexible payment of house rent

    What Are The Benefits Of Flexible Payment Of House Rent?


    Accommodation, An important need to all human. One of the basic needs of life that the government of any nation should be serious in helping its citizens with, by providing affordable and conducive housing for the larger population if not all. Despite the failure from the government, people still go the extra mile in providing apartments that are conducive and affordable to themselves and their families. So far, the payment has always been an issue, the compulsory payment of annual rent is a challenge to a larger population.

    With the problem highlighted above, the introduction of flexible payment of house rent is closing the gap and reducing the challenges individuals have to go through in renting an apartment. With the enormous benefits of the flexible payment plan, just a few are listed in this article.


    5 Benefits of Flexible Payment Of House Rent

    1. Peace of mind: The peace you feel when you realize your house rent can easily be settled with no hassles. Different hurdles we have to surmount daily as humans, paying house rent should not add to one’s worries. Flexible payment of house rent will give you peace of mind.

     2. Debt free: When you pay your house rent monthly, you know you are debt free. Think of it, while waiting to pay annually, other things might come up which may hinder you from paying the house rent you have gathered. But the flexible payment will prevent any unforeseen circumstances to hinder your house rent payment.

     3. Proper Planning: knowing at the back of your mind that your house rent will be settled from your monthly income, this will help with planning your finances. This will help you adequately manage your budget through the month and the year.

    4. Meager amount to pay: Paying a huge sum upfront can be some worth discomforting. It is indeed refreshing to have a system in place that allows an affordable and flexible payment plan

    5. Freedom: Your annual house rent due is fast approaching, the sighting of your landlord strikes fear into your heart, if it’s a flexible payment option you have opted in for, approaching your property owner will be very free with all arms opened.

  2. 4 Things To Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Lagos

    Questions to ask when renting an apartment.


    4 things to consider before you rent an apartment

    4 things to consider before you rent an apartment

    Renting a house or apartment in Lagos can be really tedious and calls for serious scrutiny in other to avoid regrets, below are some of the factors you should consider before renting an apartment in Lagos.

    1. Security: Security is paramount while searching for a house, one must ensure that the area of choice is well secured and protected by guards, even from the compound security guard (gate-man) to the estate or street security watch, for safety against thieves, burglars and generally, to prevent or control neighbourhood hazard.

    2. Accessibility: How accessible are the roads leading to the house, how easy is it to access the major roads and close is this house to your places you visit frequently especially the place you work. It is important to consider accessibility to help avoid discomfort and stress.

    3. History: It is important to ask questions about the house you are looking to rent, also, for the sake of not incurring previous cost and paying accumulated bills that you did not bargain, you might even have to find out if the compound is safe enough for your physical, spiritual and mental health.

    4. Condition: There are houses where people do not sleep when it rains, hence, it is advised to go house hunting during raining season, this will help you find out if the house gets flooded when it rains, also, look out for cracks on the walls, ceiling e.t.c

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