August 2020 - Rent apartment in Lagos with flexible monthly payment

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  1. Why Not Furnisure?


    Empty apartments are a thing of the Past! Yes we said it… We know because we have created a solution to ensure this… Say hello to Furnisure!

    You have now found your dream apartment with a beautiful view and a lovely neighborhood. Next on the list is Furniture shopping but you can’t seem to find the time because of your busy schedule?! If this is your reality, Why not Furnisure?

    Everyone deserves an apartment with all the necessary appliances, and more so, you can get it all from the your comfort of your home or office….

    With Furnisure, you can now Furnish your apartment with brand new, quality appliances and furniture without spending a ton of cash!

    It may sound too good… But it’s True.

    You are guaranteed to get all the right fixes for your brand new apartment or the right pieces to add to your existing apartment to give it a face lift and it’s just a click away

    Reasons why you should consider Furnisure:

    It’s Affordable: You can pay as little as 20,000 per month to get a washing machine , a television, a sofa or bed.

    It’s Convenient: You can browse and check through all the available options from the comfort of your home. No market runs , just your data and your device.

    It’s Fast & Reliable: Your purchase is delivered to you after the first payment!

    Your dream of having a tastefully furnished apartment is possible.

    Why wait till later? Use Furnisure today.

    Need some tips on how to proceed? Check out the link to our post on FAQs