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FAQ on Furnisure By Rentsmallsmall

FAQs on Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall

We know that you’re  eager to jump aboard the Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall ship, But you have some questions!?

Great! We will take some time to answer a few of them.

So You might be wondering…

How many Items can I order?

You can order at least 4 items. You can also order less than 4 items but they must have a minimum price of 20,000 naira per month.


Is there a minimum period for which I must rent out the product before it become mine?

You are to pay a monthly fee over a period of 12 months after which the items belong to you.


How can I Pay?

You can make your  first payment on the Rentsmallsmall online payment platform (Paystack) along side the security deposit.

Subsequent Payment is made through Post dated cheques which will be prepared by the renter and collected at the point of delivery of items.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times can vary between 2-3 working weeks for furniture and 2-3 working days for appliances depending on the package.


Do I have to pay for deliveries?

All our deliveries are free of charge so you do not need to pay anything apart from the monthly subscription fee.


Is there a possibility of conducting inspection?

No, inspections. You can choose from the different options available on the e-catalogue and have them delivered to you after your first payment.


Do mattress and pillows come with the bed?

They are ordered separately.


Why do I have to pay a security deposit while taking the appliances and furniture ?

Think of it as a little security token that we keep when you take our appliances and furniture. This is a fully refundable amount and it is returned at the end of the tenure when the products become yours.

We trust that these have been helpful 😃

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If per adventure you still have more questions… We’ll be glad to answer them. Kindly let us know in the comment section below!


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