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COTEL : A Covid-19 Defying Solution


In the face of the wave of economic issues set in motion by the dreary virus ,which brought the world to a seeming halt for months,COTEL by Rentsmallsmall was birthed.

Staying true to our Rentsmallsmall Agenda, we were inspired to explore unique innovative solutions as we were faced with yet another colossal challenge in the housing sector; The challenge of creating and maintaining productive and effective work environments.

*Rentsmallsmall introduces Cotel : a hospitality focused solution designed to help professionals work and live better, limiting their exposure to Corona Virus and ultimately ensuring their unimpeded productivity with added comfort and luxury.

Cotel completely redefines the work/home space as we know it. Launching out with 17 Units of pure rental goodness! Bringing you the best of the workspace and comfortable living all under one roof.

Providing all the makings of an office and the enveloping comfort of a home, while exuding the ambience and luxury of a hotel suite.

Beautiful, serene environment
Fully furnished rooms
Fitted Co- working rooms
24- hour power
Room service
Help desk
Guest waiting rooms
And so much more

We look forward to having you experience this beautiful and novel solution. We have no doubt that you’ll be just as excited as we are about it.








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