Rent apartment in Lagos with flexible monthly payment

Found An Apartment?

Do you love the idea of Rentsmallsmall but can’t find any RSS listed apartment near you?

We have a solution for you.

Rentsmallsmall is an advocate of flexible rental payment. We believe that renters ought to have this option because incomes mostly come on daily/weekly/monthly basis. We are poised to change the housing sector one city at a time; Reaching as much people as we can and helping them live affordably.

In line with our expansion plans, we now seek to remove any barriers which may have restricted  renters from accessing our services , we did this by opening a channel through which they can be actively involved in initiating their rental processes.

This lead to the introduction of The Rentsmallsmall Found-my-Property.

The Found-my-Property Initiative  which allows renters to find an apartment in their preferred  location / budget and then register to have us contact and engage the landlord to list with us so that  you too can pay monthly.

This option is not only limited to Individuals who might be currently house hunting.

You can sign up for found-my-property if you fall under the following category:

– If you are interested in Flexible Rental Payments or have filled the “can’t find a home” form on Rentsmallsmall.

– If you are looking for a particular kind of apartment, or space. You can find one that suits you and involve us.

– If you are looking for an apartment in a specific area, estate or street.

-If you are currently living in your preferred apartment, but are still interested in monthly rent. You can refer your landlord to us.

– If you have found an apartment you like but do not have enough money to pay the yearly rent.

-If you are looking for an office space or shop.

No matter what category you might identify with, rest assured that if you involve us, we are ready to help you make your Rentsmallsmall dreams a reality.

Now Everyone can rent flexibly and conveniently in their preferred budget and location.

Contact us today to get yours…


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