Rent apartment in Lagos with flexible monthly payment

How To Earn With Rentsmallsmall

Did you know that you could earn on a monthly basis with Rentsmallsmall?

You need only follow the guidelines listed below to start. By simply referring a landlord or tenant , you can earn up to 25% of RSS commission.

You determine how much you make with our referral program by the number of property owners or tenants you refer to RSS.

Our referral program is an easy way to earn money while contributing to the Rentsmallsmall vision of providing quality yet affordable apartments for the teeming populace while offering a flexible payment plan, making it even easier for renters and ensuring consistent income for landlords.

How to Sign Up for Rent SmallSmall

1. Convince property owners to list their properties on our platform/your employees, friends, family, and contacts to rent an apartment with us

2. Fill our referral form ; include your details and those of the property owner

2. Get your account credited :

– every month as long as the tenant stays in the apartment/ properties get occupied.

-once the property has been successfully listed.

Note: You are entitled to a compensation fee  only when you have spoken with the Tenant/Landlord and all agreements are signed and sealed, Also you must have registered on our platform before the person you are referring to us does.


When you refer a tenant/Landlord on RSS, you can earn money on a monthly basis. The more tenant/Landlords you refer, the more money you make.

How to Refer a Tenant

The person referred must have:

Step 1– Signed up on RSS website and inquired to inspect a property

Step 2– Completed the verification process and considered eligible

Step 3– Successfully made payments on the desired apartment


How to refer a Property Owner:

Step 1- Sign up for our referral program and give details of the Landlord referred

Step 2- Landlord/property owner must have contacted an RSS representative or listed their properties on the website

Step 3- Property must have been inspected by an RSS Field Agent and considered eligible for listing

Step 4- RSS will get the property occupied

Step 5- Get your account credited as soon as the property gets occupied

Referral Fee: 25% of the total gross referred Listing side commission(s) received will be paid to the Referrer within 7 calendar days of receipt of commission(s).

NOTE: This is a percentage of the actual naira amount of the commission earned, not a percentage of the rent price.

You can start earning on Rentsmallsmall today.

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