June 2020 - Rent apartment in Lagos with flexible monthly payment

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  1. Found An Apartment?

    Do you love the idea of Rentsmallsmall but can’t find any RSS listed apartment near you?

    We have a solution for you.

    Rentsmallsmall is an advocate of flexible rental payment. We believe that renters ought to have this option because incomes mostly come on daily/weekly/monthly basis. We are poised to change the housing sector one city at a time; Reaching as much people as we can and helping them live affordably.

    In line with our expansion plans, we now seek to remove any barriers which may have restricted  renters from accessing our services , we did this by opening a channel through which they can be actively involved in initiating their rental processes.

    This lead to the introduction of The Rentsmallsmall Found-my-Property.

    The Found-my-Property Initiative  which allows renters to find an apartment in their preferred  location / budget and then register to have us contact and engage the landlord to list with us so that  you too can pay monthly.

    This option is not only limited to Individuals who might be currently house hunting.

    You can sign up for found-my-property if you fall under the following category:

    – If you are interested in Flexible Rental Payments or have filled the “can’t find a home” form on Rentsmallsmall.

    – If you are looking for a particular kind of apartment, or space. You can find one that suits you and involve us.

    – If you are looking for an apartment in a specific area, estate or street.

    -If you are currently living in your preferred apartment, but are still interested in monthly rent. You can refer your landlord to us.

    – If you have found an apartment you like but do not have enough money to pay the yearly rent.

    -If you are looking for an office space or shop.

    No matter what category you might identify with, rest assured that if you involve us, we are ready to help you make your Rentsmallsmall dreams a reality.

    Now Everyone can rent flexibly and conveniently in their preferred budget and location.

    Contact us today to get yours…


    Don’t forget your spread the word !




  2. Furnisure: Rent-to- Own Furniture & Appliances

    Furnisure by Rentsmallsmall is a Rent-To-Own service for furniture and home appliances.

    Rentsmallsmall is dedicated to providing excellent, yet affordable solutions for convenient home rentals in Nigeria.

    After a solo and successful run of our Furnisure product for a year, exclusively available to only our Natives(Tenants), we’ve decided to expand our offerings to not just our Rentsmallsmall natives, but to everyone who wants to own new furniture and appliances to live comfortably.


    Furnisure  was officially launched on Friday, June 12th, 2020, offering appliances like Televisions, Refrigerators, Airconditioners, microwaves, Washing machines etc and furniture like Sofas, Wardrobes, coffee tables, different varieties of bed frames and mattresses.

    Renters can now acquire furniture/appliances and pay monthly for a period of 1 year, after which the items become theirs.

    How Furnisure Works

    – Visit the furnisure link and make a choice from the available options.

    – Choose at least 4 items or 1 item worth at least 20k.

    – Click “Book now” to fill a form and apply for the verification process, if successful, payment is then made (to the tune of the total monthly cost of the appliances/furniture chosen)

    – Receive, sign and return a copy of your rental agreement (covers a 12 month payment period)

    Kindly note : A refundable security deposit which is the equivalent to the total monthly cost of the item is to be paid along side the first monthly payment. The deposit is refunded after cost of items is completely paid.

    Mode & Duration of Delivery:

    Appliances are delivered within 2-3 working days after the first payment is made.

    Furniture is delivered within 2-3 working weeks after the first payment is made.

    Note: All deliveries are free of charge.

    No doubt this service has come to stay and true to the Rentsmallsmall tradition, will definitely cause a revolution in the existing market.

    Spread the word and take advantage of this service today.


  3. How To Earn With Rentsmallsmall

    Did you know that you could earn on a monthly basis with Rentsmallsmall?

    You need only follow the guidelines listed below to start. By simply referring a landlord or tenant , you can earn up to 25% of RSS commission.

    You determine how much you make with our referral program by the number of property owners or tenants you refer to RSS.

    Our referral program is an easy way to earn money while contributing to the Rentsmallsmall vision of providing quality yet affordable apartments for the teeming populace while offering a flexible payment plan, making it even easier for renters and ensuring consistent income for landlords.

    How to Sign Up for Rent SmallSmall

    1. Convince property owners to list their properties on our platform/your employees, friends, family, and contacts to rent an apartment with us

    2. Fill our referral form ; include your details and those of the property owner

    2. Get your account credited :

    – every month as long as the tenant stays in the apartment/ properties get occupied.

    -once the property has been successfully listed.

    Note: You are entitled to a compensation fee  only when you have spoken with the Tenant/Landlord and all agreements are signed and sealed, Also you must have registered on our platform before the person you are referring to us does.


    When you refer a tenant/Landlord on RSS, you can earn money on a monthly basis. The more tenant/Landlords you refer, the more money you make.

    How to Refer a Tenant

    The person referred must have:

    Step 1– Signed up on RSS website and inquired to inspect a property

    Step 2– Completed the verification process and considered eligible

    Step 3– Successfully made payments on the desired apartment


    How to refer a Property Owner:

    Step 1- Sign up for our referral program and give details of the Landlord referred

    Step 2- Landlord/property owner must have contacted an RSS representative or listed their properties on the website

    Step 3- Property must have been inspected by an RSS Field Agent and considered eligible for listing

    Step 4- RSS will get the property occupied

    Step 5- Get your account credited as soon as the property gets occupied

    Referral Fee: 25% of the total gross referred Listing side commission(s) received will be paid to the Referrer within 7 calendar days of receipt of commission(s).

    NOTE: This is a percentage of the actual naira amount of the commission earned, not a percentage of the rent price.

    You can start earning on Rentsmallsmall today.

  4. 4 Easy Steps To Lay Your Bed

    It may seem impossible to get your own unmade bed looking as dreamy as the ones seen in hotels or guest houses, but in fact is it is easier and faster than you think. Let’s help you upgrade your morning routine with a few simple steps that will make your bed look very inviting.

    Read on to learn how to make a bed and the secrets for turning a basic bed into a dreamy retreat through these 5 simple steps.

    Step One: Start with the Base Layers
    Before you can pile on the pillows, you have to start with a good foundation. Invest in a mattress cover to protect your mattress from spills, dust, and the dreaded bed bug. When it comes to sheets, make sure you have multiple sets on hand. “This philosophy is based on the traditional bridal trousseau: one set on the bed, one set in the wash, and one set in the linen closet ‘just in case.’ You never want to be caught with an undressed bed!”

    Step Two: Layer on the Fitted & Flat Sheets
    Fitted sheets may be a pain to fold, but they’re a breeze to get on the bed. Slip the corners over the mattress and pull and stretch the corners of the fitted sheet over each corner of the mattress. Then Lay the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet, making sure that it is even on both sides. If your sheets are patterned, the printed side should be faced down. Fold over the top of the flat sheet and tuck the sides and end under the mattress.

    Step Three: Top it Off with a Blanket or Duvet
    Here’s where things get cozy. Once you’ve placed your sheets, you can layer blankets or duvets depending on your personal taste. Whether we are selecting linens for a king, queen, full, or twin bed, we always start with a thin blanket, a bed cover, and a duvet which is placed at the foot of the bed. This keeps the bed looking neat and tidy.

    Step Four: Pile on the Pillows
    Cover your pillows with pillowcases and place on the bed. If you are afraid of dirtying the pillow case it is recommended that you store the pillows for sleeping in a closet and swapping them out at bedtime so that the bed still looks crisp and fresh when not in use.
    When it’s time to get some sleep, just flip the pillow over and sleep on the plain side. The number of pillows depends on the size of the bed but hey that’s totally personal.

    Congratulations! You now know how to lay your bed like a Pro… You can put these skills to good use  anytime!

    Remember, Rentsmallsmall is still your one stop shop for affordable rental spaces. Contact us to rent beautiful apartments that will make your new bed-making skill dazzle the more.