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  1. Giveaway Prices on Apartments

    Greetings from us at Rentsmallsmall,

    With the world and our beloved country locked down in the face of the dreary COVID-19, we understand the need to keep hope alive and to spread love now, more than ever.

    Uncertainties in our economy, increasing need for food, shelter & security; Rentsmallsmall has thought to lend a hand in providing a solution to ease some of these issues.

    To this end… we have reviewed the prices on 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments at our Southern View Estate property. We hope that you or someone you know can take advantage of these subsidized rates to find the home that you need. Kindly check the apartments below

    Southern View Estate Property Giveaway Price

    We send you love & light and pray that we all emerge stronger and better, because come what may, we look forward to a greater, healthier world.

    We would like to know one thing you cannot do without this period???

  2. Maximizing Kitchen Time & Safety


    Everyone is home now, though not under the most ideal of circumstances given the situation of things in the world at the moment. We choose to make lemonades out of this bag of lemons we’ve been served… so we will focus on tapping into the abundance doses of Family bonding time!

    We absolutely love this because we at Rentsmallsmall believe that family is a place of love and comfort and that these feelings are the quintessence of home.

    Family time means more time spent in the kitchen , cooking, cleaning, eating, snacking and everything in between. It means more chances  of family meals , which have been said to have a long tradition of increasing feelings of closeness and wellness things that are more important at this time.

    Here are some tips that might be helpful in making your kitchen times safer and more fun:

    – Clean the kitchen & it’s surfaces, knobs & handles Regularly (As often as they are used)
    – Disinfect your kitchen using commercial wipes and sanitizers (The virus has a lipid (fatty) outer membrane surrounding it that is easily disrupted by soap and water, and by many disinfectants.)
    – Encourage frequent hand washing

    Unfortunately some families might not have the luxury of a spacious kitchen or that of a kitchen space.

    Rentsmallsmall has got you covered regardless.

    We have a list of apartments that offer fully fitted, Modern kitchens that’ll provide all these and more.

    Tell us in the comment section below how your kitchen/family time is going???

    Do you love it? 

    Would you  improve it?

    let us know all the deets below?!


    Please Feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information on how to rent.

    Website: www.rentsmallsmall.com

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    Instagram ,Facebook  & Twitter: @rentsmallsmall

  3. Your Living Space & You

    Everyone knows that “Home is where the heart is”… At Rentsmallsmall, see home as one’s very own personal space.

    With personal spaces come a myriad of opinions on the true definition of clutter.

    Whether you display mild signs of OCD when it comes to your living area (though your friends and family might never get you to admit this) or you are well on your way to winning the hoarding champion of the year for the 10th time in a row (because your closet is one item shy of bursting at the seams), maybe you find yourself somewhere in between…

    It really makes no difference at which point of the spectrum you’re located.

    There’s no doubt that we can all relate to the need for a personal space where our true personalities can find full expression.

    One where you can decide to color coordinate your wardrobe or pile all your clothes in a corner without a care or fear of intrusion.

    Rentsmallsmall specializes in catering for your housing needs… we’ll provide you the perfect personal space and then allow you rent conveniently and pay flexibly. That’s our OCD…😃

    Whatever your version of clean and tidy is… we’ve got you covered!!!

    You can contact us via any of our  via 07087789815 or through our social media platforms:

    Instagram: @rentsmallsmall

    Twitter: @rentsmallsmall

    We’d love to hear from you!






  4. Benefits Of Estate Living

    Stay Home Stay Safe!!!

    Staying safe while we stay at home is important! Bearing this in mind, we reflect on some of the benefits of living in a secure environment.

    Estate living offers a sense of community while capturing all the perks (charm, spirit, calmness) of the “countryside”. It’s having the best of both worlds.

    With excellent security features, an array of amenities and beautifully landscaped public spaces, estate living creates a sense of exclusivity, with unparalleled allure & prestige.

    Rentsmallsmall offers you a large selection of gated estate residences to meet your unique housing needs.

    Making the choice to live in an estate has so many great advantages, most prominent of which is the peace of mind and security it brings.

    Here are some reasons why you might want to consider secure estate living.

    In a secure estate, one will most often find a cluster of like-minded people with whom one can bond and share interests ranging from neighborly to professional matters. It gives one the opportunity to create a connection that may last a lifetime.

    Estate living avails one the opportunity to live in a space where they can have the freedom and security to be on the streets without fear. One can go for a morning run or enjoy an evening walk.

    Peace of mind
    There is no end to the security and comfort one experiences in a gated estate. One can rely on the security operatives who man the gates to screen visitors and guests. It is public knowledge that there is little or no record of crimes in such areas.

    We’ve hand-picked a selection of some of our favorite properties located in an estate below.